Stay Active

Worried about falling down? GuarDay gives you confidence inside and outside your home by alerting your loved ones.

Peace for your family

Knowing that your family will be alerted in case of emergency or a fall gives everyone peace of mind.

Latest technology

GuarDay uses the latest technology with motion sensors and GPS. It only sends your location when needed. It doesn't track you.

We support:

Rega - Red Cross
Croix rouge Francaise
Ministry of Health Singapore

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24/7 fall detection device and emergency assistance

Don't wait for another fall or incident, every minute counts when we need an emergency assistance or alert the right people.

Now at USD $299

(Including 6 months protection - All included)

Save %60 on regular price USD $699

One time payment of USD $299 - 6 months Guarday - 24/7 protection - Auto call and SMS - 3 pre-nominated numbers - 5 alerts per month (90 SMS and 60min Voice) - Unlimited number changes - Works on 89 countries (No extra charge) - No hidden cost - Express Delivery

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The best solution for your independence

Live active at home and outside

Designed in Europe

Fall detection

GuarDay will automatically detect when you fall on the floor.

SOS button

If something wrong or you don't feel well, just press the SOS button and it will call and SMS your pre-nominated numbers.

Auto Alert

If you fall, the device will alert and SMS your pre-nominated numbers automatically.

Long Battery

With motion detection, the device manages the battery running up to 5 days. Easy to charge with the docking station.

Light and discrete

Just 35 grams and a tiny size 61mm x 42mm x 16mm.

Shower proof

Shower proof

You can take a shower with your Guarday but not swimming.

Guarday works in 89 countries, so you can even use it when you go on holiday


Just wear it!

96% of seniors want to stay active and independent at home

With GuarDay you can send an alert even when there is a very weak network. All you have to do is wear it and it will detect when you fall, whether that's in the garden, cycling or in the house. It will send an alert to the pre-nominated numbers with your location by SMS and call immediately. GuarDay works like a telephone. People will be able to find you easily.

Do not be afraid to move and go out. Seniors must stay active to stay fit.

Easy setup

Charge it, wear it and take it everywhere with you, your device is ready to go. Light and easy to carry around with confidence.

After sales service

Our agents are available if you have any questions about your GuarDay.

Peace of mind

You and your family will feel more relaxed as GuarDay keeps an eye on you whenever needed.

No Paperwork

With GuarDay you don't have to bother with paperwork etc. everything is online and can be managed by you or your family remotely.

GuarDay makes a big difference in my dad's life and removes a lot of stress since his last fall. We can see him more active and happier for the benefits of all. He walks more often in the city and is doing more walks on East coast. GuarDay is more than just the insurance that a quick intervention can be done in a case of emergency, it gives more freedom to my dad and the whole family. Thank you!
Patricia Tan

Who needs GuarDay?

Fall prone

Worried about falling down? GuarDay will protect you inside and outside your house and alert the pre-nominated numbers. Without GuarDay, seniors might spend hours on the floor before being able to reach a phone or call for assistance. Every minute counts.

Stroke - Diabetic

Diabetics and high blood pressure patients have a higher risk of stroke after 60. 25% of them who have a stroke will have a second one. Nearly three-quarters of all strokes occur in people over the age of 65. Getting immediate help is vital. Sequelae are usually irreversible.

Alzheimer - Dementia

In certain situations, you just need to know where your loved ones are. People with Alzheimer's can lose time, comprehension and understanding of where they are. GuarDay allows you to locate where a person is with a simple SMS.

Far form your family

If your family lives abroad or more than an hour away, GuarDay will alert them if something happens. Or, it can alert your next door neighbor or your private clinic. You can decide who should be alerted. When you need help just press the SOS button.

Emergency situations

GuarDay gets you the help you need in emergency situations. Whether you are involved in a bicycle or car accident or fall on the street, GuarDay detects shocks and alerts the pre-nominated numbers within seconds. You are not alone when you need help.

Best way to wear it

Discrete, design and small, it's made to be worn

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Around your neck

Wear your GuarDay around the neck. It is weather proof and water resistant.

belt pic guarday

On your belt

Attached your GuarDay around your belt for a more discrete style. You can't even see it!

wear in the bag

Attached to your bag

Attach your GuarDay to your Bag on the go. It will stay discrete and elegant.

Giving you the best that fall detection device has to offer!

More benefits

with your Guarday

We strive to provide the most reliable solution to help people staying independent and be able to live the way they want.

  • Customer Support
  • Remote assistance
  • Durable
  • 96% Network coverage*
  • 1 Year Warranty

Only the best

We work with quality in mind

What our clients have to say

Our customer satisfaction speaks for itself

Gerard M.I like GuaDay for my mother because I don't have to check all the time if she is fine and I know that if something urgent happens I will be alerted. The only reason she is wearing is that the device doesn't track her but send the alert and her location only when needed. Who likes to be tracked ?
Gerard M.
Thomas RischlingMy wife and I live 10,000 kilometers away from our parents and we are always worried they fall down and won't tell anyone. Elderlies can stay hours on the floor without being able to move. GuarDay was the best solution to us.
Thomas Rischling
Robin StewMy dad passed away and my mom refuses to leave her house for an elderly care center. GuarDay was the alternative for her to move around. She is no more worried to go out or cleaning the garden and she definitely got some energy back. We are all happy with these results.
Robin Stew
New Zealand
VeraMy dad felt down when he was walking in the forest on his favorite trail. The device alerted us immediately and put us in contact with him. Nothing bad happened but we were grateful to have this device if something worse would have happened. Thank you GuarDay to give us a peace of mind in our daily life.

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