Who we are

A team that loves to care

No matter what, we are going to live longer and that's a great news for all of us. We just need to adapt to technology, to stay independent and to continue to enjoy life.

Guillaume and his co-founder started the adventure with a unique vision ''Keep the whole family happy, as long as possible''. We did some intensive research and wanted to postpone that point when you need to go into a care center. Our mission is not easy and we decided to tackle it step by step by helping seniors to stay home and to be more active.  That's why we created Guarday.

What we do

Give the independence to stay active

The biggest challenge is to make sure we create a product that is easy to wear or carry, nicely designed and with a long life battery. After few months visiting suppliers in Asia, we came across a rounded design which received a Red Dot design award. The results are great; light, easy to hold, and doesn't look a safety device. 

It works everywhere there is network coverage and within a few seconds alerts pre-nominated numbers. The adoption of the solution is a success and we hope this smaller, better, lighter product will help bring families even closer.